There are a bunch of way to get Table Ninja for free or at a discounted rate ($59.99 value). offers a free version of Table Ninja if you sign up to one of their affiliated poker, sportsbook, casino sites. For example, you can sign up to Poker Stars, earn 500 FPPs and you’ll get a 10,000 boogster points, which you can redeem for both Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker & Table Ninja Poker Stars. The best thing is that a site like this offers each version at a discounted rate of 5,000 boogster points or $50, instead of $59.99: has simliar offers.  You can get a free copy of Table Ninja just by signing up to Full Tilt Poker and earning 250 full tilt points: is the third free alternative for getting a free copy of Table Ninja.  At PokerSavvy, you can sign up to Betfair, earn 240 Poker Points, and you’ll receive a free copy of Table Ninja and you’ll even have extra Savvy Points to redeem for other gifts:

Here’s three excuses not to have to pay for Table Ninja. If you’re a serious multi-tabler, there is no reason not to have this software. It’s a must-have.